Who can we help

The Digital Manufacturing Accelerator is actively looking to engage manufacturers of all sizes from across the region and the UK including the supply chain, SMEs and industrial end users.

We are actively looking to directly support digital and technology focused manufacturing projects across all sectors including FMCG & Packaging, Agriculture & Food Production, Defence, Pharmaceutical, and Electrification with the end goal of helping to test, de-risk and drive the rapid adoption of new technologies to grow our manufacturing sector.


The world of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is arguably faster moving now than ever before!

As competition grows from across the globe, the need for more efficient production processes are central to ensuring successful, longer-term profitable businesses.

At the same time, in order to meet the ever demanding needs of increasingly well researched and environmentally conscious consumers, manufacturers are in constant review of more sustainable ways to produce and package their products.

Adopting digital and automation technologies can have a positive impact in both how and what these FMCG manufacture and the DMA will focus on working with FMCG businesses to support the evolution of both what they produce and how this is manufactured.


In a world of reduced resources, our food manufacturers and those responsible for the management of our land stock are under increasing pressure to maximise their processes to extract the maximum value from their work while also minimising their impact on the environment.

Technology adoption has always played a key role in advancing the production and management techniques of food producers and as new digital and automation technologies focused on the agriculture sector are developed we want to support UK food producers to benefit from these new technologies.


The defence sector is a national priority and a British manufacturing success story that contributes more than £11bn in exports and supports 260,000 jobs.

As the technological landscape of defence constantly innovates to maximise new technologies including the use of new materials, artificial intelligence, robotics and with a growing focus on both cyber and space, the DMA will look to work with OEM’s and the supply chain to determine how adopting new digital and automation production techniques can support the sector to meet its manufacturing challenges and the global need for next gen. warfare products and systems.

As the Region is a key hub in the UK’s defence R&D and engineering experts we look forward to providing further support to the sector and working together to drive the adoption of new manufacturing technologies.


The pharmaceutical sector is one of the UK’s major global R&D and manufacturing successes. The UK is a genuine world leader in the design and production of new and advanced medical devices, medicines and treatments techniques.

Approximately 67,000 people are employed in the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industries with 25,000 of these in R&D roles and many of these classified as high value jobs.

The sector is a significant contributor to the UK economy and driven by advances in life sciences, is constantly looking to use new technologies to improve all aspects of its production capabilities.

Our aim is to support the sector and those companies that design and manufacture medical devices, medical machinery, medicines and their packaging to build on the UK’s reputation and position as a global leader in pharmaceuticals.


Electrification - the movement to use sustainable energy sources to replace fossil fuels - has been identified as a key contributor to decarbonising industry and reducing the impact of climate change.

With a global drive towards net zero, the UK is currently falling behind other nations. Whilst progress has been made in some areas, more needs to be done to meet the UK Government’s target of achieving net zero by 2050.

The adoption of net zero technologies offers enormous opportunities for businesses and a long-term positive impact to industry and society.

The drive towards electrification and sustainable energy is on a global scale. The DMA is focused on supporting UK businesses in the implementation of high-performance electric machines, power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, leading to improved efficiency and productivity, resulting in significant economic, environmental and societal benefits.